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How to Write a Bittorrent Client, Part 1 Posted on by kristenwidman I spent the first few weeks of Hacker School writing my own client utilizing the Bittorrent Protocol, and thought I would share some of the things that I learned on the way.

This post will cover a general outline of how to approach the project, with a focus on downloading torrent files and a bias toward python. This post will be broken into two parts, of which this is the first. Read the unofficial specification here. No, really. Read it. There is an official spec as well, but it is vague and much less helpful. Understanding the spec will make this project far easier for you going forward.

Play around with Wireshark. I also recommend downloading an already-written bittorrent client I can recommend utorrent or the official bittorrent client — both from the same code base.

Then download a. These can be found in many places online. Mininova is a good place to look for legal I think torrent files.

Launch a Wireshark session and open your. When your torrent is finished downloading, you can stop wireshark and save your session for later analysis. This information can be helpful in both understanding the spec and also for comparison later when you run into message-passing bugs.

Wireshark is cool tool to learn about other network traffic as well, and I encourage you to play around with it. View your. This is NOT the actual file you want to download.

Instead it is a metafile containing information that you will need in order to download the real file. Bencoding is an encoding that translates a complex set of embedded dictionaries, lists, strings, and integers into a single string.

There is an explanation of bencoding in the unofficial spec here. This is good to understand and be able to read. Note that the structure is slightly different for single file vs multiple file torrents. Again, the spec is helpful for explaining the different tags and structure. The tracker itself does not have the file you want to download, but it does have a list of all peers that are connected for this torrent who have the file or are downloading the file.

It responds to GET requests with a list of peers. Unreserved characters need not be escaped see link for reference. The required parameters are listed in the unofficial spec here. Of note in the parameters are the: The python documentation for the hashlib library has more details about hash algorithms. Note that you should not compute this on either the bencoded full torrent file nor on the decoded info dictionary — this should be computed on the bencoded info dictionary only.

You can parse the info dictionary out of the original torrent file or re-bencode the decoded info dictionary. If you are using a language with unordered dictionaries such as python , be careful if you re-bencode the info dictionary that you make sure the dictionary values are appear in sorted order or you will get an incorrect SHA1 hash.

The bencode python library will take care of this for you. The expected keys of the dictionary can be found here. Note if you get the peers in the binary model that the last two bytes together encode the port number i. Connect to peers Peer connections are made through TCP to the appropriate host ip and port. Now might be a good time to consider how or if you want to deal with connecting to multiple peers at the same time, as this will influence how you connect to your peers.

Some options are: The Twisted framework if you are using python. This framework implements event-driven programming and abstracts away many of the lower-level details pip install Twisted. This is what I used. Create your own event-driven programming loop using sockets and select calls.

Multi-threaded sockets. Good luck! You can revisit this later and just work on connecting to one peer first, but eventually you will want to consider how you wish to handle multiple simultaneous peer connections.

Handshake with peers Once you have a connection to your peer s , the first contact step is your responsibility.

The first message you send should be a Handshake. Parameters for this message are here. For the current protocol version 1. The peer should immediately respond with his own handshake message, which takes the same form as yours. If it does not, you should close the connection.

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Download. The hard IDE is an open source software program that allows users to write and load code with real-time work environments. Because this code will. Here is the source code. The project Initially the project offered the data through the Bittorrent network (gh: from GitHub, torrent: from Bittorrent). As currently. Torrent database? (and) • BitTorrent tracker? And then, what if the search engine is run by one party, the torrent database by another in another country, and the.

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