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We feel that this is the major obstacle for Blue Iris when compared to those within the same market where these items may be provided ‘out-of-the-box. However, when compared to single vendor VMS systems even if free , Blue Iris provides an attractive open option that is likely to be simpler to setup and use than most single vendor VMS systems. Additionally, for a user starting out with IP video, Blue Iris is an attractive option. With its low price, simple use and easy access on-line, Blue Iris is a low risk way to evaluate what you really want without committing to a significantly more expensive and complex system.
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Testing Blue Iris VMS Software

The CPU determines how much live video your system will be able to process or, roughly, how many cameras you can have. It also determines how much electricity your system consumes. Blue Iris supports hardware-accelerated H. Quick Sync is not available on any AMD processor. Quick Sync is unavailable within virtual machines unless you pass through the Intel integrated graphics to the VM, and this does not work on all systems.

Specific CPU recommendations include: However newer CPUs are more energy efficient. Above, I recommended Skylake 6xxx series and newer because this generation and newer has H. If you want to run more than about 40 megapixels worth of cameras 10x 4MP cameras, or 20x 2 MP cameras , or use particularly high frame rates, then choose an i7 or 6-core i5. Intel CPU models with a “T” suffix e. These are significantly less bang for your buck, and you are probably better off with a normal, non-T version.

That said, here is some guidance. If your needs would be met by an i5 or i7 CPU, but you want ECC memory or some other feature only found on server platforms, consider a similarly priced and specced Xeon E or older: E3 series model that has Quick Sync Video so you can take advantage of efficient hardware accelerated H.

Beware of old used servers claiming lots of cores and memory at low prices. These will be loud and inefficient by today’s standards, and in many cases outperformed by a cheaper workstation that is years newer.

Also note that Blue Iris is not optimized for multiple-socket servers. If you are considering running such a heavy load that Blue Iris would be unable to handle it with a single CPU, then you should be using different software. Memory top 4 GB of memory is sufficient for a smaller system perhaps 6 cameras?

Graphics cards top For most users, a dedicated graphics card will provide no meaningful benefit to Blue Iris, and will only serve to consume additional electricity. Onboard Intel graphics are more than enough. In fact, it can sometimes be complicated getting Quick Sync hardware acceleration to work if you have installed a dedicated graphics card.

If additional display outputs are required, or you find that Blue Iris requires too much CPU time to draw live video to the screen common with 4K monitors , then an Nvidia graphics adapter may help. You could spend more money on a faster card, but it won’t make any difference for this. Since , Blue Iris supports H. This method of hardware acceleration is not recommended for most systems because it is very expensive and inefficient with power.

However for video recording, you want a mechanical hard drive HDD as these are more cost-effective and have better write endurance. Western Digital Purple drives are a popular option for Blue Iris. RAID is not usually recommended, as most of what a video surveillance system records is worthless. RAID 0 , as these do not provide any benefit for video surveillance. Operating System top Blue Iris only runs on Windows. Windows 8. Windows 7 also works for Blue Iris 4, but hardware acceleration won’t work if Blue Iris is running in service mode on Windows 7.

Recent Windows Server editions also work, if that is what you have available.

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Video Security. Keep an eye on your home, place of business, cars, and valuables; watch your pets or your kids; monitor your nanny, babysitter, or employees. Watch your door for mail, packages or visitors. Use motion detection, audio detection, or capture continuously. Receive alerts via loudspeaker, e-mail, instant messaging, or phone.

VIDEO: Blue Iris Version 4 – Surveillance/Webcam Hybrid DVR Software for 1-64 IP and/or Analog Cameras

4. The Toolbar. 7. Cameras. When you start Blue Iris for the first time, here’s what you’ll see: At the top is the toolbar (See 4.) which. The license key for the Blue Iris version 4 software worked until a Windows I work from home and use Blue Iris 24/7 to monitor my premises. Product icense key for the professional version of Blue Iris. video servers; Use generic BT/ cards, or we specifically recommend the 4-channel PV

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