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FXpansion BFD3 V. R2R We Need You!

Have they succeeded? And even if you have the kit, drummer, recording space and microphone collection to compete with what’s possible with these virtual instrument tools, efficiency alone might be enough to mean you choose the virtual route.

So, five years after its release — and given that BFD2 is still one of the best virtual drum instruments available — just what have FXpansion found to improve upon? What’s New? Equally, multiple articulations have been sampled. For example, for the snare you can get standard hits, drags, flam, half edge, rimshot, side stick and rim click, while the hi-hat features as many as 13 different articulations. However, the potential for creating realistic drum performances doesn’t just depended upon the sample base; there is also the very sophisticated mixing environment, including multiple microphones on some drums.

For example, the snare features top, bottom and side mics while the kick has in, out and sub mics. In addition, you get overhead, room, ambient and various mono and compressed room channels. The vast majority of us simply couldn’t get close to the sound and control that BFD offers.

That said, the two versions can co-exist on the same system. This includes the above-mentioned compression, without which the full library would be in excess of GB. The Browser can be toggled off if required. The remainder of the display is split into the upper drum kit graphic and lower mixer areas. Gone are the old-school drum graphics The Key Map features are comprehensive and very flexible.

This central area is also tabbed — Kit, Effects, Groove Editor and Key Map — and each option adjusts the display to show the appropriate functions. The Drum Editor replaces the Kit-piece editor and, to the extreme right of the main display, are two further tabs for the Drum Editor: Tech and Model. These allow you to get into the detailed settings for each drum. While the depth of the overall window is fixed, you can adjust its width via two buttons located to the right of the Help menu.

This allows you to toggle between two views: Further Mixer customisation is available via the Mini Mixer as this now allows you to specify any subset of channels to be displayed. These channels are then permanently visible on the right end of the Mixer panel, regardless of where you are scrolling within the mixer channels on the left. Drum Tuning There’s not enough space here to go into all the subtle details offered by BFD3 for shaping the drum sounds, but the Drum Editor is an excellent illustration of what’s possible.

For example, activating the Tech panel opens an additional panel on the right side of the display to edit the technical details of the currently selected drum. The level of control possible — and the ease with which the new interface makes it accessible — is excellent.

The Model panel allows you to configure some of the engine’s modelling options for damping, choking, cymbal swells and the tom resonance.

Again, the degree of control offered is impressive. Equally, the Hi-hat Tighten controls allow you to specify just how tightly closed the ‘closed’ articulations actually are, going between snappy or flappy as required. These are termed Processed Drum presets and they can be viewed for selection within the Drums section of the Browser. Effects, Sends and Tweaks views using the appropriate tabs. For broad-brush editing of the kit’s overall characteristics during playback, this panel is very useful.

While all of BFD’s effects have been restyled in v. Overall, the suite of effects in BFD3 — covering dynamics, EQ, filters, reverb, delay, modulation and distortion — are comprehensive and high quality.

As there are new articulations, the BFD3 default Key Map is different from BFD2, but the latter can be loaded and the new articulations added if required. As noted above, BFD3’s mixer is fully featured and provides plenty of scope for internal routing of audio.

And if you want to export The included effects are very good. These cosmetic and workflow improvements are not, of course, the only consideration; how does BFD3 sound? Brilliant, fabulous, delightful, er But what is really impressive is the combination of sound quality and the ease with which the characteristics of the kit can be adjusted and fine-tuned to exactly suit your needs.

And it is all ridiculously easy, allowing you to go as deep as you like, or just simply to load one of the excellent presets and leave well alone. It’s powerful if you need it to be, but quick and easy if you don’t.

Whatever the kind of acoustic drum sound you are looking for, BFD3 has the samples and editing features to get you there. So who might buy it? Highly recommended. Of these, perhaps the most obvious comparison — in terms of the basic features and the huge variety of drum kit sample and MIDI groove expansion packs available — is SD2. Both, however, are excellent products. And while the intricate sampling and powerful drum-mixing features might get the headlines, for lots of potential users — particularly non-drummers — the MIDI groove functions should not be underestimated.

In addition, the supplied MIDI grooves are excellent, covering musical styles from jazz to thrash metal. If you want to go from ‘nowhere’ to complete drum track in an insanely short space of time, BFD3 will let you do it.

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