Top 10: Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

It is the post-production part that will need serious tools. And if your source materials were taken in 4K or higher resolution, or you need to incorporate multi-cam angles and degree video, you will require editing software with top-level features. The aforementioned and more can be handled by a capable video editing software to help you with your business, corporate, and product video or any video project, for that matter that will attract, entertain, and engage your audience as well as effectively relay your message across. Remember, for your message to be effective your medium must be well crafted, and to do that you need the best video editing software solution that works for you whether your project is for film, TV or online.
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We added a new opportunity to set zooming quality when working with images as well as to launch multiprocessing and separate coding, decoding, recording and reading processes for faster performance.

The both formats enable to create videos with semi-transparence effect so that one can implement animation effects on web-sites. Quality of coded image was significantly enhanced due to dithering effect.

Audio format FLAC was added to enable work with audio materials without any loss of quality. Information about an author of a video, a publisher, copyright info and other data can now be recorded directly to the resulting video file. Enhanced usability of the Editor: The following errors were corrected: Version 3.

A large number of various kinds of diagrams are supported, including 3D diagrams: Key features of the diagram: You can change displayed data sets and their values, which allows you to create dynamic diagrams that change over time Create several graphs in a single diagram or various diagrams combined by context Import and export data to and from Excel The diagram’s appearance is customizable – the chart itself, the axes of the coordinates including user axes , legends, names of graphs and axes, layout lines, markers on axes, and other elements Completely fine-tune the color schemes used to create graphs, or use preset color schemes Effects have been added that allow you to change the tempo, speed, and pitch of the sounds being played, or play them in reverse.

As a result, you can now play audio when reversing or rewinding videos. Group operations have been improved – the order in which assets are selected in the editor during group operations is now tracked.

All application settings are now grouped together in the same place, which has made it possible to simply controlling the application and add additional functions such as auto-save and backup.

The interface has been improved: You can now combine drawing objects on a sprite with effects applied to the sprite. The editor is now easier to use: This makes it easier to edit parameters that are mutually dependent you can now adjust the scale of parameters on a parameter value bar, which allows you to set the values of parameters more precisely You can now regulate volume by entering a percentage of the maximum potential volume.

The regulating effect can apply to outgoing content as well as content that already has audio filters applied to it. The Threshold effect has been significantly improved. The effect now has various modes and works with the alpha channel The Reducing Bits effect has been added, which allows you to reduce the number of colors in the object being displayed The Special effects group now has a TV Effects subgroup: Waveforms can also be shown for audio effects.

This makes it possible to precisely apply effects to the necessary fragment of a video or audio object. All parameters of audio effects can be edited in a visual editor, which enables users to make changes easier and faster. Improved a volume change effect. Volume can now change arbitrarily along a straight or curved line, or their combination part of the Volume effect changes along a curve, part along a straight line.

Editing of non-linear object parameters has been moved to the main timeline, which helped unify and simplify the interface. Besides, the change trajectory of non-linear parameters can now consist of several paths that can be both curved and straight. All static object properties can now be edited in a visual editor, which is easier and more intuitive than entering the values manually.

Editing of video and audio files has become more flexible and convenient. Removal and recovery of removed areas became possible not just with the help of an assistant, but also on the main timeline, which speeds up the editing process.

Fixed bugs that resulted in program termination. Also fixed a bug that occasionally caused issues when certain fragments were removed from a video. Added a parameter modification editor. Added curve templates to the parameter modification editor. These parameters could previously have a constant value only or change linearly from the start of an effect till its completion.

From now on, they can change randomly in the course of an effect. In many cases, it helps remove unnecessary objects from the timeline, increase the usability and reduce the time needed for creating a project. Besides, parameters can now change their values not just linearly, but along a curve as well, which will help create more complex and beautiful effects. This means that starting from this version, the editor became completely non-linear. Version 2. You can now not only burn projects created in the editor, but use the tool for general purposes; – a video download tool — allows you to grab videos from various video services.

Improved wizard: AutoGamma automatic gamma correction , AutoGammaInv restores the original gamma values after the use of the AutoGamma filter , Median median filter , DeNoise noise reduction based on the Wiener filter — applies adaptive filtering to images containing uniform noise. Quick Styles allow you to apply the most frequently used effects to the videos you have created; Support has been added for SRT subtitles, which allows you to enter textual messages using a special scripting language; The speed of the algorithms for rendering translucent objects has been doubled thanks to support for SSE2 technology; It is now easier to work with a timeline — you can copy objects within the timeline itself, and support for a drag-and-drop interface has been added.

Objects are now rendered with sub-pixel accuracy, which makes it possible to create smooth object animations; Completely reworked the motion configuration principle, which now uses trajectories, not intervals.

Added different types of motion, including accelerated motion; Reworked profiles for exporting projects to video formats. Added the support of profiles for HD and high frame rate videos. The timeline has been reworked and updated with additional control elements; Video processing and project conversion speed has been increased; the preview function now works smoother; Fixed a number of minor bugs.

Added 4 groups of sound effects: Amplitude correction: Silence, Invert. This version supports automatic creation of a project backup after every recording and monitoring of the integrity of the most recently saved project copy, allowing the user to roll back to it when necessary.

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Go back 20 years and video editing was a specialist skill which required specialist equipment. De Mille about years ago. But back to the future… The huge increase in the popularity of video editing over the last 10 years is down to smartphones, iPhones as well as DSLRs, GoPros, DJI Osmo Pocket and other accessible digital cameras in combination with video hungry social media platforms, from YouTube to Instagram. In which case, this is the article for you, as we will take a look at the best free video editing software available. Some of the best free video editing software is almost the same as that used by professionals. For this article, we will look at downloadable software, rather than free online editors. The software is opensource and free to download.

VIDEO: Download Free Video Editor Software

Here’s how the best video editing software stacks up. There are also some free video apps on the Windows Store, including Movie Moments. Editing videos usually requires a specialist bit of video editing software you’ll need to download (and pay for), but there are some excellent. Looking for a free video editor for Linux? Here are the best options for various kind of video editing needs on Linux.

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