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You can use the Windows cleaning feature to scan the computer and greatly improve its performance, eliminating spyware and malware, corrupted registry entries, and useless files that take up unnecessary space. After a few minutes, the program will show you a full report with the locations of any spyware, registry errors, saved trash files, and damaged shortcuts that can be deleted. You can also use it to defragment the registry, optimize the system, increase protection, analyze the hard drive, repair any vulnerabilities, and optimize the hard drive.
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Iobit Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro Free 6 Months License

There’s plenty of competition around, but SystemCare impresses immediately with its lengthy feature list. It doesn’t just empty your temporary folders and display Windows startup programs: The sheer weight of functionality makes reviews a little difficult. Care After a straightforward installation, Advanced SystemCare 8 Pro opened with a straightforward console which organises its features into five areas.

You can customise exactly what it does in a few clicks you might choose to just clean your hard drive and Registry, say , but we selected every option, clicked Scan and sat back to watch.

The scanning process took a while at 6 minutes 11 seconds on our test PC, but that was mostly because of the disk scan, a check for file system errors; turning this off cut scan time to 1 minute 34 seconds.

We were told we had “4, Registry errors”, for instance; clicking this displayed a detailed report, and we could check it while the main scan continued in the background. The Registry checks worked as we expected. A “Privacy Issues” function performs well, detecting and deleting history and cache data for various system and application sources: A “Junk Files” cleaner checks for leftover system temporary files.

The “Shortcut Errors” feature correctly finds and deletes invalid shortcuts. The alarmingly-named “Browser security issues” is mostly about removing IE and Firefox cookies, with options to block known malicious websites and BHOs. You can choose to repair individual problems within any of these sections, but we clicked Repair to solve them all. SystemCare created a System Restore point, then ran its fixes. This was mostly fine, although we quickly spotted one significant issue: Toolbox While the “Care” scan aims to check your entire system in one go, the “Toolbox” provides 22 individual tools for solving particular problems.

Still, again this is notably better than many similar tools. There are tools to update drivers and key internet-facing software browsers, Flash, Java, Skype. Some competitors support a wider range of software, but overall SystemCare manages these tasks well.

Other modules are more basic. We were unconvinced by Smart RAM, a largely pointless memory “optimiser”. Most of the “Toolbox” modules are genuinely helpful, though, and overall they delivered the key features we needed.

Real-time protection claims to block spyware, although it did very little for us. None of this is particularly impressive, and your PC will probably be far safer if you install something like Avira Free. A “Turbo Boost” mode closes unnecessary services and applications on demand, freeing up a few system resources though probably not enough to justify the “turbo” name.

The program offers several ways to automate its operations. This kind of automatic tweakery brings some potential risks, but if you do run into problems then Advanced SystemCare 8 Pro does its best to help.

Any changes it makes are saved to a log, Registry settings are backed up for easy restoration later, and the Rescue Centre gives access to System Restore points, too. For the most part it avoided causing any problems, either, with the notable exception of our corrupted Chrome profile. There are no guarantees — you should never use this type of application without having a full system backup to hand — but it seems safer to us than most of the competition.

And that’s a good thing.

Faster PC Response

We are aware of a number of tools that are built right into Windows and are capable of maintaining system health and performance. Advanced SystemCare provides you with automated options to keep your PC in an optimized condition for working. The free utility prevents your computer from slowing down and helps you protect, repair and optimize it whenever needed. It takes a one-click approach to keep your PC error-free and smooth than ever. Upon completion of repairing process Advanced SystemCare presents summary of the problems fixed for each item. The Expert Mode on the other hand, shows additional options to change scan parameters and access various other features from the main program window that are otherwise not available in the Simplified mode.

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