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XD is amongst the most well-rounded, reliable, and innovative UX design applications available; by making it free of charge to both Mac and Windows users, Adobe are hoping to make it the de facto choice. We believe Adobe XD will be as big as Photoshop, if not bigger. The cynical amongst us will question how Adobe can afford to do this.
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Who wins the fight between Figma and Adobe XD?

Design and prototype in one go! Adobe XD is also a viable alternative for Windows users. Last but not least, the basic version of Adobe XD is free! You want to design and prototype in a very seamless and smooth way. You use Windows, or if you collaborate with other designers who both use Windows and Mac. You use or consider using other Adobe products e. Adobe Illustrator. You need more dynamic prototyping than just transitions and states, e.

My recommendation: If you have tried Adobe XD and you like it, and you need support for several prototypes, go for the single app. If you are interested in multiple Adobe creative cloud apps or already use an existing adobe creative cloud app , go for the creative cloud all apps package. The Adobe XD artboard feature is nice. It also means that you can create screens for multiple platforms e.

Prototyping is nice and easy, just link screens together in a matter of clicks. Switch back and forth between design and prototyping seamlessly.

Update the design and watch it change live within the prototype. Pretty cool! You can also live preview changes directly on your phone if you are designing a mobile app. The fantastic repeat grid feature. The repeat grid feature is absolutely awesome. It is seamless to duplicate lots of content this way.

The fact that you can also change spacing between elements at one go is great. Pure magic! And, the repeat grid works both horizontally and vertically. Shared assets make life easy. Create common assets for e. Lots of good-looking UI kits and tutorials available out of the box. For instance, there is no underline option — instead you have to draw a stroke for each underline you want. Quite weird. Same thing goes for transforming text to e.

Lack of image editing tools, so there is a need to go back to image editing tools such as Photoshop from time to time. As a windows user, it would be nice with some love for e. Windows 8 and not just Windows Some of the keyboard shortcuts feel a bit unintuitive, but you get a hang of it quite quickly!

It is not yet possible to export design specifications directly to CSS. The layer pane within Adobe XD is a bit unintuitive sometimes.

Missing any features in Adobe XD?

Edit menu (11 shortcuts)

Stupid me. Adobe took that option away. Please enlighten me since you are so intelligent. Lee James The alternative is to use old versions of the software, most of which still work well.

VIDEO: Adobe will no longer support Windows 7 in the next major Creative Cloud update

Windows users are left to twiddle their thumbs while Mac users enjoy the fantastic powers of the tools Figma and Adobe XD are both free to access their “starter” plans. . Figma is the overall winner with 6 wins out of A minimal interface and very straightforward tools make Adobe XD a Now it’s also a UWP app — so it needs Windows 10, and at least last. According to a post on Neowin, Adobe XD is available on Windows 10 as a private beta. Adobe XD is better known as Adobe Experience.

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