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A graphics software authority with web design and print publishing credentials. Updated July 24, As the industry-standard, Photoshop skills are a necessity if you want to be employable in the graphic design field. Priced in the hundreds and with a learning curve to match, it’s not for everyone, but the investment can pay off in increased productivity and the ultimate in flexibility.
adobe cs6 photoshop extended

Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CS6 Extended ramp up speed and features

There are now therefore two ways to purchase Photoshop CS6 — as we are accustomed to, through purchase of the stand-alone traditional product, and now also through the new Creative Cloud subscription service. Below is my early take on the options.

Note that video editing has moved from the Extended version to the Standard version. As before, you can also purchase the stand-alone version of various bundles of subsets of Creative Suite software which include Photoshop CS6. The Creative Cloud is a subscription plan — for an annual fee, you have access to: For more information, here is the Adobe home page for information on the Creative Cloud.

A one-year Cloud subscription is payable in advance. Which Version Makes More Sense? Of course this will depend on your needs and interests. To weigh the two, I would start with the following three questions: If you are a graphic designer or other rich-content creator, you most likely use many products in the Suite.

In this case Cloud pricing becomes very attractive. It is a harder case for photographers though, as many of us use very few products. I would highly encourage you to review the products yourself , but my take on it is that if you are a photographer, and plan to continue doing photo work only and basic video editing, which Photoshop CS6 now can do significantly more of , you may only need Lightroom, and possibly, for more complicated work, Photoshop. If a third product interests you or the cloud storage and sharing are compelling to you, the case for the Cloud starts to become an easier one.

Adobe has told analysts and investors that its goal over time is to get all or most of its customers onto the more-profitable subscription plan, so they have a great interest in making cool new features available to Cloud subscribers well in advance of stand-alone purchasers.

That cool new image de-blur technology they gave us a glimpse of, but is not ready for CS6? My guess is that it will make it into the Cloud well in advance of CS7. Adobe has stated that Cloud products could be updated weekly or monthly. Are you committed to staying in the Cloud? With a Cloud subscription, you always have access to all of the latest and greatest, but when you cancel your subscription, you walk away with nothing.

Conversely, when you purchase the stand-alone products, you own and can use them forever. CS3 and CS4 owners beware:

Overview of Photoshop CS6 Extended [Video]

Main features: Nondestructive editing The new Smart Filters let you visualize different image effects and the Smart Objects tools let you scale, rotate, and warp raster and vector graphics without altering the original pixel data. Painting and drawing toolset Create or modify images using the multiple paint settings, artistic brushes and drawing tools. Texture editing and 3D compositing Render and incorporate 3D content into 2D composites and immediately see the results. It supports common 3D formats such as:

VIDEO: Adobe CS6 Photoshop Extended – Mac

Mac OS X Snow Leopard: Will this make my computer compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended?. Clearance · Gift Cards · Technology > Software > Adobe CS6 Photoshop Extended. Join our mailing list and learn about store specials, news and exclusive. Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended software delivers even more imaging magic, plus the Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine for blazingly fast performance. Retouch .

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