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This offer provides access to discounted rates for an Acrobat Pro DC plan individual membership for one user. See the Details and Service Costs section for more information. What You’ll Pay Adobe After you request this offer through TechSoup, you’ll pay Adobe directly each month for the first year of the discounted membership.
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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC review: Still the standard

My name is Adrian Try. In my quest to go paperless, I created thousands of PDFs from the stacks of paperwork that used to fill my office.

I also use PDF files extensively for ebooks, user manuals and reference. What did I discover? The content in the summary box above will give you a good idea of my findings and conclusions. It can be used to create, edit and share PDF documents. Adobe invented the PDF format in with a vision of turning paper documents into digital files, so you would expect their PDF software to be best-in-class.

DC stands for Document Cloud, an online document storage solution Adobe introduced in to facilitate collaboration on PDF documents, sharing information, and signing official documentation. Standard and Pro. In this review we are focusing on the Pro version. The Standard version has most of the features of Pro, except the following: For many people, the Standard version will be all they need. Is Adobe Acrobat Free? Once the trial is finished, use the Buy button on the bottom left of the screen.

There are a number of subscriptions options available, and each includes a subscription to Document Cloud. Is Adobe Acrobat Safe? Yes, it is safe to use. A scan using Bitdefender found no viruses or malicious code. Adobe Acrobat Pro: The screenshots below are from the Mac version of Acrobat, but the Windows version should look similar. From there you can click on Edit PDF in the right panel to add text and images to the document.

This can be done with single or multiple Microsoft or Adobe documents, or web pages even whole sites. When converting a Word document to a PDF, tables, fonts and page layouts are all retained. Creating a PDF from a website is surprisingly simple.

Just enter the URL of the site, specify whether you want just the page, a specified number of levels, or the whole site, and Acrobat does the rest. The entire site is placed in a single PDF. Links work, videos play, and bookmarks are automatically created for every web page.

I tried this with the SoftwareHow website. Most of the PDF looks great, but there are a few cases where text does not fit and images overlap. Not only is text recognized, but the correct font is used as well, even if the app has to create the font automatically from scratch. Edward Mendolson from PCMag commented on this feature when it was introduced in No other PDF or optical-character-reading software does anything remotely similar.

Adobe offers multiple ways to create PDFs. The process is simple, and usually the results are excellent. You can create a form from scratch, or import an existing form created with another program. All fields were automatically recognized. Electronic signatures are now supported through Document Cloud: But no subscription is required to sign, comment on, or save them. My personal take: I was impressed with how quickly Acrobat DC created a fillable form from an existing document.

Most businesses use forms, and allowing them to be filled out on smart phones, tablets and laptops is a huge convenience and time saver. Text boxes and image borders are displayed, and can be moved around the page. To try this feature, I downloaded a coffee machine manual with a lot of photos and text.

When editing text, the app tries to match the original font. This did not always work for me. Edward Mendelson of PC Magazine had better luck when he first tried the feature in As a second test, I downloaded a PDF book of short stories.

This time the font was matched perfectly. And when I tried to use Edit PDF on a couple of recent store receipts containing very clear, monospaced-font text, Acrobat made very little of the text editable. Those additional text boxes make the word very difficult to edit. Besides editing text and images, you can use Acrobat DC for large scale organization of your document.

Page thumbnails make it simple to rearrange the pages of your document using drag-and-drop. Pages can be inserted and deleted from a right-click menu. Besides actual editing of the document, it can be handy to mark up a PDF when collaborating or studying. Acrobat includes an intuitive sticky notes and highlighter tools at the end of the toolbar.

In most cases, the original font is matched perfectly, though this failed in one of my tests. Consider making complex or extensive edits to the original source document like Microsoft Word , then convert it to PDF again.

Export has been improved, so it should work much better than previous versions of Acrobat. But this feature is still not perfect. But our book of short stories looks perfect. Instead of attaching a large PDF to an email, you just include a downloadable link. That removes file constraints for emails. Redaction is a common way of protecting sensitive information when sharing documents with third parties. I discovered you can search for it. This made me wonder how many other features are hidden like that.

Redaction happens in two steps. First, you mark for redaction. Then you apply the redaction throughout the entire document. Adobe Acrobat DC gives you a variety of ways to secure and protect your documents, including requiring a password to open the document, blocking others from being able to edit the PDF, and the redaction of sensitive information within the PDF.

While it was hard to find the redaction feature, all of this worked well. This app provides every PDF feature you could ever need. Ease of Use: However, not all features are transparent, and I found myself scratching my head and Googling a few times. Phone and chat support is available, but not for all products and plans. When I tried to use the Adobe website to discover my support options, there was a page error. Smile PDFpen: Read our PDFpen review.

Wondershare PDFelement: See our full review of PDFelement. Apple Preview: The Markup toolbar includes icons for sketching, drawing, adding shapes, typing text, adding signatures, and adding pop-up notes.

This functionality will be expanded in High Sierra. It offers multiple ways to create PDF documents and forms, allows you to edit and reorganize PDFs, and has the best security and sharing features in the business. I recommend it.

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The Standard version works on Windows-powered desktops and devices, while the Pro is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices. Adobe Acrobat DC lets you convert any paper document into PDF format and edit the document immediately using fonts that look like the ones on the original version. You can edit from any devices, depending on the edition you are using, even from your iPad. Adobe Acrobat DC comes with a string of capabilities.

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More than just a PDF platform, Adobe Acrobat DC also functions as Adobe Acrobat Pro DC – $/month or $/month (annual billing). This page will introduce you to a few useful features in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC that will assist you when evaluating and remediating a PDF for accessibility. However, if the original source document is not available, accessibility features can be added to the PDF using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Consult the following.

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